Elder Law

Over the past 20 years, a new and extremely important sub-specialty of estate planning has developed known as Elder Law. Without question, the most frequent estate planning questions that lawyers face are how to best serve the legal needs of Western Pennsylvania’s growing elderly population. In particular, lawyers are frequently asked to discuss the effects on the assets of a loved one should they enter a nursing facility. In our experience over the years, the following are the frequently asked questions in the area of elder law:

  1. How is nursing home care funded in Pennsylvania?
  2. What is the difference between Medicare and Medical Assistance?
  3. What happens to my assets, including my house if I should enter a nursing facility?
  4. Does the “state” or the Department of Welfare place liens or otherwise take my loved one’s residence if he or she enters a nursing facility?
  5. Can I make gifts of my assets such as my house, stock, or money to my loved ones if I or my loved ones are faced with entering a nursing facility?
  6. How can I protect my or my loved one’s assets without jeopardizing one’s eligibility for Medical Assistance and other long-term care services?
  7. What is “Long Term Care Insurance” and how does it function to protect my assets in the event that I or my loved one must enter a nursing facility?

At Michael W. Nalli, P.C., we work hard to answer all of the above questions for our clients, as well as provide competent and practical legal advice, while handling each client situation with compassion, given the delicate nature of these circumstances.

The Process

  1. In the initial client consultation, we will meet in our offices or in the privacy of your own home to ask about you or your loved one’s asset information, as well as a family background on our questionnaire.
  2. Provide recommendations and strategies to you and/or your loved ones for preserving their assets to the fullest extent permitted under Pennsylvania and Federal Law.
  3. Follow up with you and/or your loved ones to insure that such recommendations and strategies are implemented.

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