Estate Trust Administration

In addition to the tremendous grief that a family experiences upon the death of a loved one, additional pressures are placed on the family to efficiently and promptly settle the estate affairs of their deceased loved one. At Michael W. Nalli, P.C., we will competently and efficiently work with you and your family to settle the estate affairs of your deceased loved one.

In addition to assisting you with the legal analysis of your loved one’s Last Will and Testament or Trust, we will discuss in great detail the process of probate and estate administration with the person who is in charge of handling the affairs of the deceased loved one’s estate known as the Executor, in the case of a will, or a Trustee, in the case of a trust., a process that may take several months to complete. If your loved one died without a will, known in the law as dying “intestate”, we will examine the Pennsylvania intestate laws to determine which persons are entitled to a share of your loved one’s Estate, and work with the person stepping forward to handle their loved one’s affairs, known as an Administrator.

During this several month-long process, we will ensure that all assets are properly liquidated and/or transferred; death tax returns are correctly prepared and timely filed, all receipts and disbursements are accounted for with accuracy and precision, and, ultimately, your loved one’s estate is settled according to their Will, Trust, or Pennsylvania intestate laws. More importantly, during this process, we will assist you at all times in providing legal guidance in settling your loved one’s affairs.

With state of the art accounting software, and a competent staff, we will bring peace of mind to you and your family in knowing that the estate affairs of their deceased loved one are handled compassionately and competently.


The Process

  1. At our initial client consultation we will examine the estate planning documents of your deceased loved one and complete our detailed Estate Questionnaire.
  2. We will meet with the Executor named in the Will or the person stepping forward in the case of a person dying intestate, to petition for his/her appointment as the personal representative of their loved one’s estate at the Courthouse in the County in which their loved one died.
  3. Provide notice to all heirs and interested parties under the will, trust, or Pennsylvania Intestate Law.
  4. Assist with the liquidation of the deceased loved one’s assets, including the assistance with the sale of any real estate.
  5. Determine how much Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax is due and payable, if any, and ensure that an early Inheritance Tax payment is made, if possible, within three (3) months of the deceased loved one’s death to ensure a discount.
  6. Determine if any creditors or claims exist on the estate, and if so, make arrangements for the disposition of such claims.
  7. Prepare an Accounting of all receipts and disbursements within the estate.
  8. Prepare the legal documents necessary for the prompt and efficient settlement of the estate.

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